Maria Ziaja – vocal


Rock and roll has been circulating in her veins since she was born. In 2011, she set her first bold steps on the stage of the Wanda Siemaszkowa Theater in Rzeszów, performing at the Musical "in Melonik". Since then, the scene has become her second home, and music is a passion that she will never give up. In addition to singing, she writes lyrics and creates music. She loves meeting new people and places. She draws her inspiration for texts from travel. In the meantime Maria is studying journalism and social communication.








Marceli Golonka – drums


His adventure with music began in elementary school. This is when he created his first band where he played the bass guitar. He has always known that stage is his place. At one point he got so intrigued by the drums that he put away his guitar and sat behind the drums . Since then he has collaborated with many bands and musicians which deepened his musical experience .

He has played more than 300 concerts , recorded several singles and four studio albums. Today he is using his knowledge and deposits of energy playing in BLANT.










Marcin Żygadło – bass guitar


Clarinet and saxophone were the first instruments he learned to play . However , electric guitar fascinated him so much that he changed his musical direction toward stronger sounds. For several years he was a guitarist in one of successful rock bands. Being a person looking for new challenges he gave up the six-string guitar and started playing the bass guitar. Now all his attention is focused on exploring the capabilities of this instrument










Tomasz Wieczorek – electric guitar


Passion and love for music has been natural for him since the first moments of his life. He inherited musical genes from his parents and began his musical adventure as a child . At the end of primary school he picked up the guitar and hasn’t let it go ever since. Working with many musicians from Silesia and Podkarpacie he has explored many styles of music. He has not limited himself to guitar strings. He also opted for the vocal cords and began studying classical singing . Currently, he is focusing all his energy on playing with the band.